ECI specializes in:

Providing previously unknown resources and information in critical decision making.

Helping firms confirm or deny information.

Conducting Opposition Research.

Locating investigative and financial resources and tools.

Being a provider of top quality links.

Confirming facts and figures.

Obtaining thorough character research for actors.

Locating relevant statistics for projects.

Locating information on unusual items.

Comprehensive product searching.

Providing arcane information on companies.

Assisting with information (i.e. links, resources, and books) pertaining to important business and/or life decisions.

Locating very "content-specific" media and resources.

The simple fact is ECI saves you time and money, providing a service that is fast and of quality information!!

If you have ever wanted to know something, spent several minutes or hours searching for it to no avail on the Web, or did not had the spare time to look for it, then ECI is the service for you.

ECI is your personal link to the information you need! Let ECI ease the burden of time for you!

Our service is quick, priced right, and confidential. How simple!

"Have better information, make better decisions, contact ECI today!"



For all "investigative research", we will provide a price and time quote before we "go to work" for you.

Typical requests range from $50 upward.

Since every inquiry is unique in terms of: time needed, information desired, format requested, every price is different as well.

Call our research department for more information on these services.

Stop wasting hours of your valuable time searching the Internet!

Enjoy your life and let ECI do your work!