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Website Legal Information

This website has been prepared solely for the purpose of providing information about Expert Cyber Inquiries L.L.C. and the services it offers. This website has been compiled in good faith by ECI. However, no representation is made as to the completeness or accuracy of the information it contains. In particular, you should be aware that this information may be incomplete, may contain errors or may have become out of date. ECI reserves the right to add modify or delete any information at this website at any time. This website and any references to services and pricing are provided "as is" without any warranty or implied term of any kind.

Corporate Privacy Policy

ECI takes the privacy of its customers very seriously. Any personal information that you provide will be dealt with in strict accordance with this policy.

  1. Collection of personal information. We keep a record of the data provided by you when you register, as well as other details to administer your account.
  2. Personal information use. Registration details and customer information are used to administer your account, to keep a record of which services you have subscribed to and to deliver those you have requested. We do not sell or rent out personal information to any other organizations. Non-customers' site viewing information will be used to monitor and improve the layout of the site and the services we offer.
  3. Data Access. ECI is responsible for processing of your data and is the "data controller" for all information. Access to your data is limited solely to ECI's authorized employees.
  4. Security. ECI takes great care to ensure the security of your personal information. ECI utilizes one of the most widely used and technologically advanced credit card processing products available.