Case Studies

Solving Business Problems:

An author was nearing a tight deadline on the completion of a book. ECI helped by providing extensive research in confirming facts and figures, helping to make his book a success.

A media producer was looking for information to develop a program pitch. Within a day of his request, ECI had provided him with a report covering the information he requested to help develop his program.

A business man was interested in knowing what if any information existed on the web about him. Aware of a few sites through googling, he was curious to know if that was the extent of publicly accessible information on him. ECI took the job, and created a "personal web audit" and provided it to him in an email report, with detailed findings extending past the Google results.

A Manhattan based investor relations consulting firm had trouble in researching some Japanese firms for their client. They needed some particular financial information on several firms within a day. ECI found their information and in addition located a company that provides detailed information on thousands of Asian companies for future use.

An account coordinator for one of the largest advertising firms needed help. She needed to locate a particular episode of a popular television show that contained a reference to a product her firm advertised. After contacting the television channel and being told it would take a week, she called ECI. Hours later, she had the information on the correct episode.

A business development vice president at one of the largest software companies in New Jersey needed Telecommunications intelligence. He needed it ASAP, and had a limited budget. Rather than spend thousands on a Telecommunications specialist, ECI provided the information in web format in a timely manner.

A business woman in need of some competitive pricing information pertaining to a small business start up didn’t know where to turn. After calling ECI, she had answers to her questions.


Optimizing Personal Situations:

An individual was trying to locate a lost college buddy. After paying an online firm to track him down and getting the wrong guy, he called ECI. Within hours, ECI had located his address, home phone and cell phone.

An aging former professional boxer had deteriorating vision. The only doctor he knew was delaying surgery options, and did not seem highly informed. ECI located one of the top doctors in New York City for eye surgery. Shortly thereafter, the man had received a few operations, and was on his way to better vision.

A woman trying to locate an old friend had no luck tracking him down. Within hours ECI had emailed his business address and phone number to her.

A New Yorker who did not enjoy surfing the web wanted some detailed information on three ideas of places she wanted to visit in the summer months. ECI recommended specific locales and thorough information to supplement it, and provided it to her in a face to face meeting. Her summer was a success.

A teacher involved in litigation needed contact information on several prominent individuals to assist in his case. Within days, ECI had provided the information in an email to the teacher.


Client Testimonials

The following are some actual quotes from customers that have used ECI:

"The information you got me is exactly what I was looking for."

"You have saved me so much time"

"Your service is amazing"

"I really like the way you put the information together for me"

"Your service really got me out of a tight bind"

"Thanks for the info. You saved me time and money"

"Thank you so much, I really appreciate it, you saved me much time and