Our Purpose

ECI's goal is to provide the highest quality information that also has the greatest affinity to the particular client's needs.

We are dedicated to leading the way in the information services world.


About ECI

ECI is one of the very first companies in the world to truly recognize the importance of the human element in getting the information or results you need in Cyberspace. It is a common misconception that search engines are designed to properly siphon all information needed in a timely and effective manner.
At ECI, we believe that the human element will forever be a critical component in properly harnessing the full search capabilities of the Internet. At ECI, we combine a proprietary search program, a trained search professional and the connective ubiquity of phone or email to ensure the highest level of information retrieval services for the customer of the new millennium. ECI was founded on the basic principle that in the future people are going to want and need information as they think it, and that ECI can best meet this need.